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Moratti and Pistella February 20, 2006

Posted by dorigo in news, physics, politics, science.

Letizia Moratti, a Minister of Instruction, University and Scientific Research for Berlusconi’s government, put in July 2004 Fabio Pistella at the presidency of the CNR, the prestigious italian National Research Center. I do not know the latter, but I unfortunately know all too well the former, for her disastrous management of the School and University system in Italy.  

I do not intend to spend my and your valuable time here to discuss why Moratti was little less than a catastrophe for italian research (as Walter Matthau explains to Jack Lemmon in a famous movie, “At an international competition for the greatest idiot you would classify second. Why second ? Because you’re such an idiot”. Similarly, Moratti was not a total catastrophe… She fell just short of being one).

I just want to mention that a recent issue of the italian version of Scientific American explains that Prof. Fabio Pistella counts as many as three publications of scientific value, which might look like something until you see a plot which compares him to the presidents of the most important research centers of Spain, France, Austria, Germany… who all range between 80 and 500 publications each.

As Nanni Moretti would say: “andiamo avanti cosi’, facciamoci del male”… (Let’s go on like that, let’s hurt ourselves).



1. Marco - February 20, 2006

I read yesterday the same article in “Le Scienze” and I was going to write the same post…It’s so sad. 😦

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