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Evidence for the Higgs Boson by CDF! April 1, 2006

Posted by dorigo in humor, news, physics, science.

I still don't believe it… But it appears that CDF has found a first evidence of the Higgs decay to b-quark pairs!

I have few details. I think more will come when the announcement will be made. It is expected for next Tuesday by the CDF spokespersons, Rob Roser and Young-Kee Kim. I will post more info as soon as I get them…

I could just now see a plot that shows that there is a very distinct bump at about 120 GeV in the dijet invariant mass distribution of events with two b-tags and significant missing transverse energy. The Berkeley physicists who produced the analysis have recently perfected a ultra-pure b-tagging, and just finished running on 900 inverse picobarns of data triggered by a missing Et + SVT track trigger (SVT enrichs the data with b-quark decays). The data also show a larger bump at 90 GeV which can be interpreted as Z->bb production, and a flat background scattered around. I have no details on the background estimate, but it looks like the 10-something events in the bump at 120 GeV is three to four standard deviations away from the background.

If 10 events are WH/ZH production, they must equate to a cross section of roughly 50-100 femtobarns… It looks high to me (one must take into account the branching ratio of the vector boson to neutrinos). But not too high. The surprising thing is that the new algorithm selects so little background!

Unbelievable… I wonder whether D0 is also seeing something ? We will probably know very soon…

I will update this post as I get more info! Stay tuned!


1. Pietro Vischia - April 1, 2006

April Fool day? ;P

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