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Startup plans for LHC July 13, 2006

Posted by dorigo in news, physics, science.

I am in Trieste today, for a two-day workshop on CMS software for the italian groups. We will discuss our plans for the next couple of years, the first analyses our groups want to carry out, and the infrastructure to achieve the goals.

In the first talk, the speaker gave some highlights on the present plans for the startup of the LHC accelerator. It seems the machine will be closed in August next year, and first collisions will be in November 2007, with an initial cms energy of 900 GeV. In this very first phase, no acceleration will be provided, no squeezing of the beams, and only a debug of the accelerator will be done. The luminosity could be as low as 10^27 cm-2 s-1. In this scenario, the so-called “commissioning run” will allow the collection of as little as 1 nb-1 during the fall of 2007. This dataset will be only useful to get the first hints of the detector operation.

The following phase, in 2008, will see LHC providing from 100 pb-1 to 1 fb-1, at a cms energy of 4 to 7 TeV, ramping up in energy throughout the year of data taking (more like about 150 running days since April).

In this scenario, CMS and Atlas will probably be able to produce the first analyses (say single and pair top quark production, SUSY signatures with leptonic end points, QCD cross sections as F(sqrt(s)), and the like) by early 2009… If all goes well.

While I think this plan is reasonable for it allows the startup phase to be used to tune detectors, calibrations, and triggers, it certainly bodes well for the Tevatron, which will have until early 2009 before the LHC becomes competitive in the Higgs searches…

As for SUSY signatures, well – you know I don’t believe in those…

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