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Another thesis to review October 4, 2006

Posted by dorigo in personal, physics.

This afternoon I met with the graduation committee of the Physics Department, to give a first screening of the candidates for a degree in Physics that will discuss their thesis next October 18th.

There are seven candidates who attended the “old rule” of a course of laurea in Physics, plus four more students who attended the specialization courses (masters). Among the latter is Diego, my student who studied the application of the Hyperball algorithm to the problem of correcting jet energy for the top mass reconstruction. 

The old course of laurea consists in 18 courses with as many exams to give in 4 years, plus a thesis. It has been superseded  by the “new rule” of a 3-year degree and a 2-year specialization (masters), but students who took more than 4 years to graduate are still getting a graduation with the old rule.

Each student was presented to the commission by his or her advisor, who proposed a given number of bonus points to the ones determined by their exam scores. The scoring method is complex and I will not discuss it here, especially since there are a number of subtleties… Some of which it is not wise to advertise publically.

After the presentation of each student, a referee was assigned that will read the thesis, and then meet the student and determine his or her understanding of the topic. I was assigned the thesis of a student who worked for the OPERA experiment, a neutrino detector at the Laboratori del Gran Sasso, in Italy. OPERA obtained the very first events two months ago, and I am excited to learn a bit more about it. I will have something to report about it in a few days.

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