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Limbo to be decommissioned by Pope Ratzinger October 7, 2006

Posted by dorigo in humor, news.

In the Christian tradition, the Limbo is the place where the souls of infants or others dying in original sin but free of grievious personal sin are parked. These souls cannot go to Heaven, but neither they deserve Hell – they were not given a chance! 

Fair enough: in  a managerial act of remodeling of the divine possessions the CEO of the Catholic Church, pope Ratzinger, has inserted in his agenda the decommissioning of the Limbo. “We should just allow these children to be reunited in God”. However, today’s news are that an official announcement will have to wait two more years. 

For the series, “Nobody could care less…”. 

I can almost hear Jay Leno: “Stocks of The Paradise Inc. have gone down by three points this morning, when it was disclosed that the decommissioning of the Limbo won’t take place before a couple more years, due to the lack of transportation means for the billions of souls waiting for Heaven.

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