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Match drawn after regular games October 12, 2006

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The World Chess Championship match between Kramnik and Topalov will be decided by four active-chess games, where each player has 25 minutes plus a small move-by-move increment to complete the game.

Today the 12th game was played. It was another tense struggle, but the balance, if a dynamical one, was never upset. It was also a quite instructive game, of a classical nature: a Slav defence where after a few minor piece exchanges white was left with a fianchettoed light-squared bishop against a well-centralized knight, and where white conducted a minority attack on the queenside – which as per any elementary book was well countered with a kingside king hunt. A perpetual check ended properly in a position where any other decision would have caused great risks for both players.

Tomorrow will be the final day of the match. If the score is still even after the four rapid games, there will be four blitz games, and if the score is still tied after those, a dreaded Armageddon game.

The Armageddon game is one where white is given 5 minutes against black’s 4, and black in exchange gets draw odds: if white does not manage to win despite the move and time advantage, he loses the match. A bloodthirsty situation!

Tomorrow I will get some popcorn, this might get really ugly! 

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