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A book on meteor showers by Jenniskens October 14, 2006

Posted by dorigo in astronomy, books, news, personal, science.

Through a mailing list of meteor shower observers, I got news about the book recently published by Peter Jenniskens, one of the leading experts on the field of meteor shower predictions and studies of cometary orbits.

The book (check it out here) seems a well-written and thorough account of the current knowledge about meteor showers, their originating comets and asteroids, and an up-to-date insider account on the research on these phenomena. It’s a thick volume (800 pages), and as soon as I heard about it I knew I needed to order a copy – which I did very quickly.

I have had little time to observe meteor showers recently – the more so since when I started to observe stars with my telescope (through which, of course, you don’t get to see meteors, its field of view being in the few arcminutes range at the typical power I use on galaxies and planets). At least, by reading about meteors, I will feel as if I am still active in the field…

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