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More graduations today October 18, 2006

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This morning seven students discussed their thesis in the Physics department in Padova, and four more are up for this afternoon.

I was in the graduation committee this morning, and I will this afternoon too. This morning, I was the referee (controrelatore) of a thesis on the OPERA experiment. The “controrelatore” is the one who reads the thesis, has a meeting with the candidate, and grades the thesis for the committee.

This afternoon Diego will graduate. He will be the third of my students to do so this year, after Mia in July and Elena one month ago. There are four students who will discuss their thesis this afternoon: Marco Drago (gravitational waves with AURIGA), Edoardo Ferrera (protein aggregation models), Massimo Mastromatteo (untra-thin electrical junctions in silicon for CMOS devices), and Diego Perizzolo (jet energy corrections for top mass measurements).

The four students of this afternoon are getting a master’s degree, after completing the fifth year. They already got a 3rd-year degree, and continued to study with a specialization course. The seven of this morning instead had followed the “old course” of laurea in Physics, which lasted 4 years (but many students took much longer than that to graduate).

Since the new course of laurea has been implemented, we are running the two in parallel, until all old course students will be graduated… I bet it will last ten more years! And surely enough, there are students who graduate now who entered the course in 1987 (one of those who graduated this morning).

The student I refereed, Claudia Lazzaro, got 110/110 in the end – the maximum score (but no “magna cum laude”). I think her thesis was reasonably good, but I would have liked more accuracy in the spelling! Quite a lot of typographic errors made it harder than necessary to read it. However, the final score is what matters here, so congratulations to Claudia!

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