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Cursing on television October 19, 2006

Posted by dorigo in news, personal, politics.

On the italian reality show “L’isola dei famosi”, a program based on the same format of the american show “Survivor”, the other day one of the participants muttered a profanity which was recorded by his microphone, and – by force of the rules of the game – he was expelled from the island.

This piece of news, albeit irrelevant, shows how radicated the catholic religion is in the italian society, and how much it affects our lives. And along with it, other news give the same impression every day. Today, for instance, pope Ratzinger gave a speech at the fourth ecclesial meeting inVerona, and his words spoke volumes about the effort the catholic church is making to counter the laicization of our society. He directly fights the idea of a society which refuses to be controlled by the directives of the Vatican, pretends to dictate how people should create family ties, what people should do in their bedrooms and what they should not, what is legitimate research and what isn’t. No real news, to be sure. But the resistence of the church to a rational evolution of our society, its refusal to adapt to the needs of the 21st century and the lack of consideration for the challenges that Man is facing in our sorry planet are close to criminal. One single example is the clear preference of the catholic church to see millions of children be born destined to die of starvation or AIDS, rather than subscribe to a program of birth control in Africa.

I am sick and tired of all religions. Oh yeah, you string theorists are included 🙂



1. GHarold - November 18, 2006

There are so many far worst atrocities occuring daily in the mass media and society than cuss words. Yet the powers that be shield their eyes, ears, and morals to said atrocities and we the people do likewise. The sheep to the slaughter mentality prevails and will continue unless we speak up.

2. dorigo - November 18, 2006

Hi GHarold,

that’s right… I think I read somewhere the number of violent deaths a child sees on tv before he gets 18 is in the tens of thousands… Nobody seems to care about that though.


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