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Putin and the eulogy of rape October 20, 2006

Posted by dorigo in news, politics.

According to the russian newspaper Kommersant, during the visit to Russia of the Israeli premier Ehud Olmert, Vladimir Putin let go a staggering comment on the Israeli president Katsav, who is under investigation for rape.

Unwittingly trusting that microphones had been turned off after the meeting had ended, Putin allegedly said: “Katsav showed to be a great man. He raped ten women, I would never have expected that from him, he surprised us all and we all envy him.”

Despite the partial retractatio which punctual came from the spokesman of Putin to contain the damage, and which pointed out that the sentences had been pronounced in a humorous context, there undoubtedly remains a strong sense of disgust. And it seems like Putin, who is a close friend of the italian former premier Silvio Berlusconi, learned from the latter how best to use the media to make resounding gaffes.

It springs to mind the boutade Berlusconi once made, when he boasted about seducing the finnish prime minister Halonen…. It seems they both need to learn a little bit of class and respect for women.

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