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Streaming video for the Sigma_b discovery! October 20, 2006

Posted by dorigo in internet, news, physics, science.

Today, at the 1-west conference room at Fermilab’s Wilson Hall, Petar Maksimovic will present the CDF discovery of the Sigma_b baryon! The seminar will be broadcast from 4PM (Chicago time) at  http://vmsfmp2.fnal.gov/FMPro?-db=Livestreams.fp5&-format=v2/000Return/video/live.htm=yes&-sortfield=EventStart_Date&-sortorder=ascend&-sortfield=EventStart_Time&-sortorder=ascend&-error=v2/000Return/video/NoLiveStreams.htm&-find . Enjoy! Later, I will comment on the new find here… 

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