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A real-time peek in the operation of the CDF experiment October 27, 2006

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Today I started my week of shift as a Scientific Coordinator, in the CDF control room. Lots of things to learn back again, after two years off-duty.

The CDF control room is located at the second floor of the CDF assembly building, right on top of the cavern which contains the detector. It is a room 12 meters long by 7 meters, three sides of which are lined with monitors of all kind. Most of them are computer screens where applications are running, but there is a whole variety of other devices too, with blinking lights, red-led digits, buttons to press in case of alarms, stickers warning the shift crew not to push this or that particular button unless REALLY sure, and the like.

Quite a pictoresque place. In the middle of the room is the desk of the Scientific coordinator, on whose computer runs the shift E-log, where entries are made to describe in real time and in great detail everything that is happening to the detector and the data taking.

We are currently in the middle of a store, which means we are taking good data right as I write. If you want to check what is going on, I discovered the access to the CDF shift E-log is free, no password required. So here is the link:


Have a look… You can even browse through the past history of CDF data taking, and you will get to know every bit of detail about the last five years of CDF operations. If you don’t get bored before, of course…

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