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Automatically translated spam October 27, 2006

Posted by dorigo in computers, humor, internet, language, personal.

I was sifting through the spam comments to this blog caught by Akismet, and could not help laughing at one – which repeated itself several times in the collection of 900+ comments gathered in the last few days.

The comment body was the following:

“Hei! luogo che interessante avete fatto, ben cotto!”

 This sentence appears to be an automated translation of “Hey! What a nice site you put together, well done!”. However, the way it sounds if you read it without a preconception, is rather “Hey! Place how interesting you did, cooked perfectly!”.

For some reason I found this hilarious… I admit, not so overwhelmingly fun, but hey, I am in the CDF control room during one of the smoothest stores I’ve seen, and nothing happens… Anything distracting me from that boredom is good today!

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