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Proceedings factory October 29, 2006

Posted by dorigo in books, language, personal, physics, science, travel.

Yesterday, to my horror, I discovered that the deadline for the submission of proceedings articles for the QCHS7 conference is November 1st. I had received the e-mail a while ago, but had not read it carefully then, and now there’s only three days left for me to write up something meaningful about my presentation there.

Of course, I do not despair. First, I am only requested a 4-pages manuscript – whew, the last one I had to write in June was 32 pages long! I would never manage 32 pages in three days, but 4 pages can be easily put together in a day or two. The challenge, though, is to write an article that is pleasant to read, interesting, and new – otherwise, just cutting and pasting from previous writeups would well do the trick.

No, I am not that kind of guy. I value well-written articles, and always do my best to produce something useful when asked. So I will have to work overtime to make the deadline.

(I know, deadlines for proceedings are never met. But I make it a point of trying to avoid making it harder than necessary for the editors, who after all do a service to us all in collecting the material and publishing it).

So, I am now writing this stuff. I will post here small sections of it, as I have become used to do. Readers of this blog are encouraged to proofread the writeup, suggest modification, point out obscure passages. You might get cited in the Acknowledgements section as Demie Cheng was last year and Riqie Arneberg was last June… 

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