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When technology gets in the way October 29, 2006

Posted by dorigo in computers, food, personal, physics.

I have always thought that there is no such thing as too much information. Sure, the more information is available, the better it has to be organized and accessible, but I do not see how it could be a hindrance to a better, more organized, efficient organization of one’s work or day-to-day activities. And yet…

Today’s technology is like a 10 year-old child who is growing too fast for his clothes. We have incredibly sophisticated devices at our service, but we are too slow to learn how to best use them to our advantage.

A small example ? Tonight daylight saving time was ceasing, allowing for one more hour of sleep. Of course I was very happy, since I am on a day shift at the control room of my experiment, CDF, as a Scientific Coordinator. I have to be there at 8AM sharp every day, for a week. Today I would be able to sleep for one extra hour – actually, only half hour, since I had agreed to come earlier than 8AM, to split the extra hour of duty with the former crew which was taking the 0AM-8AM shift.

So when I went to bed last night I set the alarm clock on my cellphone to go off at 7.15, half an hour later than usual – reasoning that the gained hour would compensate: I would then have a full 75′ to get up and arrive at Fermilab at 8.30 DST, which would be actually 7.30 on all updated watches. Wrong!

The devilish little device knew everything, and it went off at 7.15 after having updated for the change of time. So It woke me up one hour too late.  

As a result, I was still able to rush to the control room in time for not pissing off anybody, but I had to take a ridiculously fast shower, run, risk a speeding ticket or two, and most of all I had no time to buy any food for my crew (one of the most important duties of the Scientific Coordinator). Darn!



1. Fred - October 29, 2006

Let’s see: the desire to sleep for one fleeting extra hour destroyed a determined effort to combine several elements: 2 Sunday-working coordinators, 1 hungry crew, 1 comfy house, 1 sterile lab, 1 vacillating time zone, 1 smart cell phone containing 1 smart clock, too many watches, 1 lousy shower, and 1 speeding car. And with no food in hand to top of it all off?! That must be like showing up at the machine shop after 5PM without any six packs in tow. What kind of food are you expected to bring, as you have now made all of us hungry?

2. dorigo - October 30, 2006

yep, no food… but fortunately there was leftover from the owl crew.
As for not showing with the 6-pack, LOL… My crew did not seem to care much about the lack of food. But your typical well-behaved SciCo will usually bring munchies like pretzels or chips, cookies, fresh fruit, orange or apple juice, maybe some sliced ham and bread for sandwiches. At least that’s what I brought the last two days…


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