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How to protect expensive items in your checked luggage November 2, 2006

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These days, if you are traveling with expensive material in your checked luggage, you have every reason to worry. Not only luggage gets lost at an increasing rate: it also gets searched for cameras or jewelry and those items get subtracted. And in the latter case, you do not even get a refund from the airline company!

There is a solution to that. A brilliant one, I must say. I do not know if it only works for US travel or international travel as well. But here is what I found (through a link in Gordon Watts’ blog, http://gordonwatts.wordpress.com ):

A “weapons” is defined as a rifle, shotgun, pistol, airgun, and STARTER PISTOL. Yes, starter pistols – those little guns that fire blanks at track and swim meets – are considered weapons…and do NOT have to be registered in any state in the United States. I have a starter pistol for all my cases. All I have to do upon check-in is tell the airline ticket agent that I have a weapon to declare…I’m given a little card to sign, the card is put in the case, the case is given to a TSA official who takes my key and locks the case, and gives my key back to me.

That’s the procedure. The case is extra-tracked…TSA does not want to lose a weapons case. This reduces the chance of the case being lost to virtually zero.

It’s a great way to travel with camera gear…I’ve been doing this since Dec 2001 and have had no problems whatsoever.

The whole article is in http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2006/09/expensive_camer.html

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