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G.W.Bush: Better than Osama, worse than Ahmadinejad November 4, 2006

Posted by dorigo in news, politics.

A shocking poll has been conducted in four states that are certainly among the best all-time friends of the United States: England, Israel, Canada, and Mexico. The citizens of these countries unanimously declared that G.W.Bush has significantly worsened the safety of the world.

Even in Israel Bush has been deemed responsible for worsening the chance for world peace – 36% declared so-, but as many as 69% of polled engishmen concurred.

To me, this is not shocking at all, but media throughout the world made headlines with the news of the perception that Bush is less dangerous only of Osama, and more than Ahmadinejad, to world peace. 

In all modesty, before the start of the Iraq war I had predicted that it would have become a catastrophe. And I was not alone. Now, it is a bittersweet feeling to see how badly was I right…

I hope Bush leads his party to a rovinous defeat in the forthcoming mid-term elections… Can I hope for him to resign ? I think this is too far-fetched… Let’s see if he will make more statements like the recent one, when he let go a little bit of self-criticism on the Iraq war.



1. riqie arneberg - November 5, 2006

I think this is grossly unfair! While I have little sympathy for the man, he cannot possibly be more dangerous than dubbya!

2. dorigo - November 5, 2006



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