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The gregariousness of bosons November 4, 2006

Posted by dorigo in Blogroll, physics, science.

Chad Orzel has a very nice post about the physics (I was tempted to say “behavior”) of bosons, particles with integer spin that display the very distinctive property of preferring to occupy the same physical state: gregariousness, according to Chad. His post is -as always- well written and very nice, and it deserves a visit, see http://www.scienceblogs.com/principles/ .

One could find other parallels between particle physics and social sciences. But it is only through the study of the underlying exquisite theory – the quantum mechanics of identical particles – that one really appreciates the subtleties, and understands things such as the laser or superconductivity (boson phenomenology) or the stability of the atom (a fermion specialty).



1. riqie arneberg - November 5, 2006

long ago I concluded that there was a parallel between the biblical concept of “free will”, and the uncertainty principle.

Assigning social characteristics to elementare particles assumes some sort of “intelligence”, an assumption most would consider “far fwtched”. I agree, but then, having observed human behavior for over half a century, I feel tje concept of humsn intelligence is also “far fetched”.

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