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A chat with Lisa Randall November 7, 2006

Posted by dorigo in humor, internet, news, personal, physics, science.

This morning I got invited by e-mail by a Coco Ballantyne to join an online chat sponsored by Discover.com  (www.discover.com) with Dr. Lisa Randall, a distinguished theorist at Harvard University. The chat will take place on Thursday, November 9th, at 2PM – I think Boston time- and will focus on string theory.

The e-mail was probably of bulk distribution, since it concluded by saying “Your insight would be valuable to this dialogue”… I doubt that it was sent to the wrong recipient, however, since it was addressed to “Dr. Dorigo”. My insight in string theory is no better than that of any other John…. But I will participate! I just love to feign competence (hey, who doesn’t ?).

So please, do join the fun if you have a chance, November 9th at 2pm!



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2. Peter Fred - December 15, 2006

I just heard Lisa Randall’s talk with Charlie Rose. I never got to hear her talk sponsored by Discover magazine. Her talk has driven me to despair crazy. She seems hide bound to idea that all her questions about gravity can be settled by string theory and the LHC. Please disabuse me of this belief that everyone in theoretical physics is so narrowly focused as she appears to be.

I have had to keep my mouth shut for 30 years before I had evidence that the approach I had selected to answers my questions about gravity would be fruitful. I have a fairly short paper in pdf format which you can find by going to my blog and then to my website , where I hope you will come to realize that there are other ways of addressing the problem of gravity other than with extra dimensions the Large Hadron Collider. All you have to do is make some sort of comment good or bad on my blog spot if you are so inclined.

3. dorigo - December 15, 2006

Well, Peter, many theoreticians dig so deeply inside a single idea that indeed, they seem to end up lacking perspective.


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