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A poisonous plant called Donald November 8, 2006

Posted by dorigo in humor, news, politics.

Hmmm, minutes after posting about the billion tree idea of Maathai, I found out there are other ways to help the environment than planting trees. You can also eradicate poisonous weed.

One such action was achieved today, when in a rare outbreak of intelligence Potus George fired his defence minister Donald Rumsfeld. I bet people in DC breathe better today already, but the benefic effects are long-lasting and will spread throughout the world.

It remains to be seen how poisonous is the new plant that already started to build roots in the vacant hole…



1. Fred - November 9, 2006

The monsoon is finally on the other side of midnight. But it’ll take another two years to finally subside. This country, with many social and economic issues staring us in the face, is emotionally taxed and war-weary. We could use a good rest. But five minutes ago, Mr. Bush was still promoting his war on terror during a conciliatory press announcement. The governments of Europe need to do more than just state that they are opposed to the death penalty and such and such. The intelligent use of the word ‘No!’ requires a strong and healthy spine to be effective. As for this Potus George guy getting credit for dismissing Rummy, an asterisk is needed, as he was read the riot act by his fellow republican donors, as nobody likes to lose billions by betting on the wrong horse, especially when they believe that they have God in their back pocket.

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