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Forests down the drain November 9, 2006

Posted by dorigo in news, politics, science.

Greenpeace activists protested today in front of the italian headquarters of Kimberly Clark in Turin, placing around the building a few toilets with pine trees in them, as in the picture above.

Kimberly Clark allegedly uses trees from primary forests in Canada to get the paper for its toilet paper and paper towels.

I guess this is a good way to catch people’s attention and direct it to environmental issues, but I think the real message that should be given is that it is us -the consumers- who pollute, in the end. If we used less toilet paper (although I can’t say how that could be achieved without wasting other non-environmental-friendly materials such as soap) we would reduce Kimberly’s thirst for wood most effectively.

The truth is, I believe Man in the third millennium will learn the hard way how to best use the finite resources our planet has made available in the few billion years of its existence: during the next hundred years we will be administered the necessary lesson. Too bad if we will produce a runaway greenhouse effect in the meantime: we will have time to ponder later, decimated and in exile, banned from a red-hot tropical band.

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