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My censored questions to Lisa November 12, 2006

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I keep getting mail from people who want to know what really were the questions I asked Lisa Randall that did not pass the moderator’s filter.

In fact, in a post I wrote a few days ago after the chat  (https://dorigo.wordpress.com/2006/11/09/two-answers-from-lisa-randall/) I had the bad idea of mentioning that I asked a total of six questions, and only two of those were turned to Dr. Randall by the moderator. With my usual sneaky lack of modesty I also sort of suggested that the ones which were left out of the chat were actually the most interesting. Now, I have to come clean, since pressure is mounting…


Question 1 (30 minutes before the chat actually started): “Hi everybody, is this thing working ? Was it 2PM Chicago or Boston time ?“.

Question 2: “Dr. Randall, are you aware of the fact that your groundbreaking 1999 paper with Dr. Sundrum about the existence of large extra dimensions made real estate stocks plummet in NY for a while?”

Question 3: “About superstring theory: there are people who believe cosmological strings move around in the universe and so they spend their research time trying to observe them through gravitational lensing as these objects move in the foreground of distant galaxies. Do you think they are on pot ?”

Question 4: “If I manipulate CDF data to insert the signal of a few Kaluza-Klein graviton events, do you promise to get me tenured at Harvard?” 

That’s it. These were interesting questions, to which I would have really appreciated getting an answer. I wonder why they were trashed…

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