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70.0 November 14, 2006

Posted by dorigo in food, personal.

I admit it: I am slightly obsessed with watching my weight. My explanation for that is that I was overweight for twenty years, and I had resigned to the idea that losing those five to eight excess kilograms was simply not possible. But then I learned how to do it, and gradually became able to control extremely well my body mass.

After three diets, the major one which allowed me to lose 10kg and get in shape, and two more “control” ones, I think I master it. I know how to lose 100 grams a day without too much effort. It gives me a warm feeling to know I can do it whenever I want.

So when, after the QCHS7 conference in the Azores, I came back to my scale and found out I was 76.5kg, I decided I would go back to 70 in a little more than two months (6.5 kg/100 grams is 65 days: from September 10th to November 14th).

It’s November 14th, and my scale gave me the pleasure to read 70.0 this morning… Now a little more effort (I decided I will need to stay below 70 for three consecutive days before I call it off), and I can go back to a normal regime.



1. antonio - November 14, 2006

how do you determine the best weight for you? how do you calculate the target KG i mean.

2. dorigo - November 14, 2006

Hi Antonio,

I had been 70kg before, so I knew I felt great then… And it still does feel good now that I got there again.

More in general, a precise evaluation of your best weight to be fit should be done by a medical examination, but there are also several do-it-yourself sites in the internet that will determine your optimal weight, given your height, age, sex, and (if you know it) fat percentage.


3. Gianluca - November 15, 2006

Hi Dorigo,

please explaine us how do you reached your goals.
I want to loss weight, too.


4. dorigo - November 15, 2006

Ciao Gianluca,

I explained the diet elsewhere on this site (see “personal” and “food” posts here), but in a nutshell, it is a 1200 calories/day diet.

I eat almost no bread and derivates, no sweets except for a brioche at breakfast, drink no alcohol, no pop (but I drink a lot of diet coke, it really has no calories). I only allow myself one main course a day, and I tend to eat as much greens as possible.

Morning: coffee and a brioche. Roughly 250 calories.
Mid-morning, another coffee is ok.
Lunch: 200-250 calories in form of crackers or similar carbohydrates. Lots of water.
Mid-afternoon: a tea.
Dinner: a very large salad, but only lettuce or radicchio, with very little olive oil. Then either 100-120 grams of pasta with little condiments (you can have it with tomato,or zucchini, or whatever you want but be wary of cream or meat sauces), or lean meat, with lots of boiled greens such as green beans, cauliflower, zucchini, stuff like that. A kiwi or an apple or something like that to finish.
Total of dinner is about 600 calories.
Looks very hard, but if you start doing it, and have a precise scale which you visit EVERY morning, noting your weight on a graph, I assure you will initiate a virtual loop and will lose weight easily.


5. Pietro - November 15, 2006

Ciao Tommaso!

It was some time I did not see you in person.
I have to say that you look a bit TOO thin, or perhaps this is only appearance due to some effect of some stress?


6. Gianluca - November 16, 2006

Very thanks Dorigo for your explanation.
I think that the trick is to control the amount of calories consumed …

Is it true?

7. dorigo - November 16, 2006

The real trick – the one which works for me – is to be incorruptible with oneself. Which means both watching every single bite and going to the scale to add a point to your graph, even when you know it’s not going to be below the former one…
But also boundary conditions are important. I noticed I cannot really follow my diet if I spend too much time at home, because then it becomes very hard not to munch some food if there is any available. Working a lot instead, always in the same place, pays off.

8. dorigo - November 16, 2006

LOL, by reading back my comment above, when I said “you will initiate a virtual loop” I actually meant to say “you will initiate a virtuous loop” !

Aargh, the phyisicist inside always tries to creep out…

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