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The new physics organization of CMS November 15, 2006

Posted by dorigo in news, personal, physics, politics, science.

A proposal for the new organization of the activities of the physics groups in CMS has been distributed today to the community of physicists working in the collaboration by Paris Sphicas.

The reorganization splits each of the four old detector PRS groups (Physics Reconstruction and Software) into two groups each, a detector performance group and a physics object group, and creates new slots for specific tasks not well covered by a specific forum in the past. The splitting has basically the function of allowing time and scope to both detailed technical and physics discussions in the working groups.

The full diagram of the proposed organization is shown in the picture below, which I stole from the pdf file of the proposal. Technically I am diffusing information that should not be public, but when a file is distributed to 2000 physicists, why shouldn’t the other 5000 working in the same field throughout the world be allowed a peek if they feel fit ?

Anyway, the structure below looks reasonable to me. The physics groups (in pink) will soon become very big themselves once real data taking starts and analyses pop up – in CDF, for instance, most physics groups have two to four subgroups each. But for the time being, the structure will provide a more agile management of the activities.

Now, nominations for 14 to 16 new coordinators are being called for. With 2000 physicists eligible, I bet it will not be too hard to find at least one (or ten) candidates for each position… Not me though. I am still a beginner in CMS, and besides, I am not ready to throw myself in the orgy – yet.  



1. vivacious photon - November 15, 2006

I guess you have to be first be ready concerning your weight (both physical and of your ego).

2. dorigo - November 15, 2006

interesting comment… My body weight is not a concern though.

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