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Search engine terms update November 18, 2006

Posted by dorigo in games, humor, internet, language, personal.

As always, let me update you on the word combinations entered in search engines by people who ended up reading my blog. One usually learns something by it.

  • “easy ways to do multiplication for children”: I did not discuss the topic in my blog, and I think the web is not the best place to find information on that. Children education is not something one should improvise….
  • “coglione translation”: an old classic. Ever since I wrote about Silvio Berlusconi when he pontificated about people not voting for his party being “coglioni” (dickheads), I get visits by people who try to figure out what the hell they were named by the person they did not give precedence to at an intersection.
  • “particle physics card games”: wow, that is news to me. Please let me know what you come up with. I’m interested!
  • “Moratti radius”: Letizia Moratti is major of Milano. I do not have a high regard for the person. I concur in wondering what her radius is.
  • “wine and chess fnal”: this made me laugh. Indeed, we have seminars called “wine and cheese” at Fermilab, where the latest interesting piece of physics studied at the lab is discussed. But wine and chess ? We also have a chess team at Fermilab. I wonder what this guy was really about.
  • “ahmadinejad, string theory”: wow. This awes me. What is the connection ? Nuclear weapons based on strings ? An interest of Iran in fundamental physics ? Can’t say.
  • “islamic square root calculation”: I wonder if islamic integralists are going to change the way square roots are computed. That would be a cultural revolution in the middle east.
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