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30000 mails November 19, 2006

Posted by dorigo in Blogroll, computers, internet, personal.

Today my inbox in the program I use to read electronic mail, pine, passed the 30,000 items thanks to a message by a friend here (Riqie Arneberg aka the Evangelical atheist -linked on the right here, who was sending me some writeup about bridge conventions).

Cleaning my inbox is one of those things that permanently reside in the “to-do list” pile: I have not done anything of the kind in the last three years, when in an outburst of energy I distributed everything in a multitude of folders. Fortunately, the spam filter we have in Padova is very effective, but still my inbox collects so much mail that is either not interesting or plain useless, that its size has been growing faster than I can type “d” to get rid of individual messages.

The problem with all this is that every time pine opens the inbox, it takes about 20 seconds to do so. That, integrated in 1000 program openings in the last 4 years, amounts to 3 hours of work lost. Hmmm. I should really do something about it!



1. Lucian - February 9, 2007

i’m not deleting my spam messages, i only keep important mails, and the rest will be automatic deleted.

2. dorigo - February 10, 2007

That is because your mail program does it. Mine does not delete anything – and I am happy it doesn’t.

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