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Curtains! November 29, 2006

Posted by dorigo in personal.

Yes, curtains. Those you hang in front of your windows, to screen light and please sight.

We have moved to our new house – completely remodeled and renovated – exactly 14 months ago, but there still are a few things that need to be finalized. So whenever I have some free time, I turn into mr. Fix-all. This week the agenda foresaw furnishing five windows in the living room with as many curtains. We had bought a nice fabric and the store had tailored it to our needs, but the hardware part of the job was going to be my duty.

I never set curtains before, so I thought this would be a time as good as any. The job is not very hard – you take precise measurements, drill holes for the support structures, attach same after cutting them of the right dimensions, insert rings (must be done before inserting and fixing the support poles). This is all easy and fun.

The hard part was the one I had no experience with: the top part of the curtains, where they attach to the rings, needed to be shrunk to the right length by folding it several times. This had to be done by pulling three strings from a side, a rather complex thing to do accurately.

In the end, it took me the whole evening, from 6PM (when I got home from Padova) to almost midnight, to get everything done. Below you can see the result. Needless to say, by the time I was finished with the five curtains, I started to feel I was good at it. Unfortunately, this is a kind of thing you only do once or twice in your life… And there’s plenty of time to forget about everything before I will have to do it again, shoot.

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