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The say of the week December 1, 2006

Posted by dorigo in games, humor, physics.

“When I hear of Schroedinger’s cat, I reach for my gun”.

 (Stephen Hawking)



1. Alejandro Rivero - December 1, 2006


2. dorigo - December 1, 2006

Of course I don’t… First, I do not own a gun. Second, I never hear anyone talking about the unfortunate animal these days. And third, I could never shoot a cat…


3. anonymous - December 1, 2006

I could never shoot a cat

Well, Hawking also couldn’t, unless he has a gun installed on his wheelchair…

4. Alejandro Rivero - December 1, 2006

Ah no, I was asking if it was really a quote from Hawking.

5. dorigo - December 1, 2006

LOL anon, maybe he does…

And, Alejandro, yes it is… The original sentence is attributed to Hermann Goring (“when I hear the word ‘culture’ I reach for my gun”), but apparently Hawking plagiarized it… I rather prefer the cat version, at least it is only quantum mechanics at stake, it might not even be the right theory after all 😉


6. Alejandro Rivero - December 1, 2006

As for the gun in the wheelchair, well, I hope not! Given it is a MS Windows OS, it could fire randomly… for instance when Stephen is crossing the coffee room during the string-theory pizza seminars.

Hmm on the other side… it is an idea.

7. dorigo - December 1, 2006

LOL! I imagine the scene filmed by a Mel Brooks…. it could be one you need an oxygen mask to watch! Stephen’s chair suddenly moving uncontrolled, Hawking totally frightened-looking and hopeless, string theorists look in bewilderment, then throw themselves on the floor as the gun starts shooting, Hawking recoiling into a fountain as bullets break everything around, eventually sketching the word “faltsch” on the blackboard…


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