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The singularity is near December 2, 2006

Posted by dorigo in Blogroll, computers, internet, italian blogs, mathematics, news, personal, science, travel.

David Orban has a new blog, in italian. Apologizing to most of my English speaking readers, I’d like to link his site here, pointing out that he just posted a seminar he held on Nov. 22nd on the technological singularity and the coming to an end of the era when intelligence was only human on earth.

His seminar is very nice. The 59 minutes streaming video (with slides) can be seen from his page. Check it out at http://feeds.feedburner.com/davidorban … I will write more about the subject of the technological singularity later – I am currently on a flight to Chicago (yeah, Connexion still on until the end of 2006 after all) and while I can surf the web, this thing is kind of slow…



1. Kea - December 3, 2006

Cool! So I gather there is no English version of the talk? It’s interesting to see that in polls on Kurzweil vs opponents, Kurzweil comes out with around 2/3 support. So maybe the world is ready for a physics which can also do neuroscience and genetics.

2. dorigo - December 3, 2006

Hi Kea,

yes, no english version yet. But David has an English blog (see column on the right), and you can ask him… I guess he will translate it in some form sooner or later.


3. riqie arneberg - December 3, 2006

I am confused. You speak as though you believe in such a thing as intelligence. I place such a conceept in the same category as Yeti and crop ciiircle making aliens, possible but not proven. The bit where I become confused is where you bring humans into it. This last exceeds the bounds of credibility!

4. dorigo - December 3, 2006

Dear Riqie,

after the singularity, the second part of your comment will actually make a lot of sense 🙂

As for the first, I do… I am an illuminist by nature. The problem is defining intelligence, not the existence of something like what we understand as such.


5. David Orban - December 4, 2006

Hi Kea,
the next step will be that of producing the subtitles for the talk in Italian, which Google Video can transparently host, and then create an other subtitle set in English. (I don’t think that you can have multiple sets of subtitles and choose from them…) I am also considering the possibility of re-recording the talk in spoken English as well: even if you can listen to Ray himself, my take is just different enough to be possibly interesting too.

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