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More polonium for sale December 4, 2006

Posted by dorigo in internet, italian blogs, news, physics, science.

Marcoscan (http://www.marcoscan.com/2006/11/polonio_in_vendita.html) has spotted a sale of a much larger amount of polonium than the one distributed for a $69 price tag by United Nuclear in the US… Check his post at the link above (in italian, but I guess the information is understandable by anybody).

I insist: the substance is extremely poisonous, ok. There are zillions of cleaner ways to kill human beings, and most of them are also less expensive and dangerous, ok. But if you are going to make the headlines for weeks at a time and terrify whole metropolitan areas, polonium 210 might be the way to go…

I only allow myself to write this here because I know my site is not a high-traffic one. There’s lots of deranged minds out there who might actually think this is a suggestion… It is not a suggestion, you moron. Get a life. It is rather a warning (to whom?) that our society is as vulnerable as ever, and bound to fall as we know it, maybe quite soon…



1. Morgan Hirtle - December 6, 2006

Thanks a lot dude for your post, I have purchased some Polonium-210 I haven’t figured out how to actually make it fatal, something about turning it into dust so that it can be inhaled. If you know please let me know, there are some people at school who have been teasing me non-stop. I want to show them like you showed them.

2. dorigo - December 6, 2006

Hi Morgan,

you’re welcome… I think there are better ways to poison a human being, but if you intend to do it with Polonium, go ahead… Only, I suggest dissolving it into a liquid, dust is too dangerous for you too.


PS the police is on their way.

3. Morgan Hirtle - December 21, 2006

The police just paid me a very unexpected visit… They started asking me all sorts of nasty nasty questions, unfortunately I really couldn’t tell them much except that I had gotten the “poisoning information” from you.

Thanks again, and I hope everything works out for the best.

P.S. Merry Christmas.

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