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Search engine terms today – the explosion of Polonium demand December 4, 2006

Posted by dorigo in internet, news, physics, science.

I made the mistake of writing a few posts about Polonium 210 and its availability on the global market last week… My blog is now visited by a sizable amount of people looking for the substance, its effects, and how to purchase it. How do I know ? Because see the hits the polonium posts get, and because I also monitor the words people typed in search engines when they were pointed to my site.

To explain better what I mean, look at the following list:

  • “polonium 210 for sale” – 10 views
  • “buy polonium 210” – 9 views
  • “polonium 210 buy” – 5 views
  • “polonium sale” – 4 views
  • “polonium-210” – 3 views
  • “polonium-210 obtain” – 3 views
  • “buying polonium” – 2 views

 That was just today… And the day is not over yet. Here’s yesterday:

  • “polonium 210 for sale – 9 views
  • “polonium-210 for sale – 5 views
  • “polonium 210, for sale – 2 views
  • “polonium-210 sale?” – 2 views

As I said before… Get a life, people.



1. Michael Silver - December 7, 2006

Thought American Elements’ website (www.americanelements.com)would a useful resource–info on Po 210 and 100s of other Isotopes, Nanomaterials, etc. (Disclaimer: I’m an engineer with the company!)

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