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Chess match tonight December 6, 2006

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The Fermi team was hosted by the Lucent Technology Dragons tonight, for the fourth round of the 2006-07 Chicago Industrial Chess League (see http://www.chicagochessleague.org/ ). I played as black on board 2, and won a complicated game. We won the match by the score of 5-1, with wins by Gustavo Garzon, myself, Irwin Gaines, Brian Degraf and Herman Cease on the top five boards.

I will report about my game later… For now, I just post a few pictures of the match below.

This is Brian (black) during the opening phase of his game.

Irwin (white) is thinking deep…

Herman (white) just out of the opening.

Me and my opponent are both in deep thinking in a complex middlegame.

And finally, Gustavo, our top board and a player of great class, is writing down his move in a dominant position.



1. Fred - December 6, 2006

Hey Tommaso,
Just found this article on the cutting room floor.

In Chess, Pictures Don’t Lie!?
In what could only be considered as overkill, Fermilab, now surprisingly 3-1 in league play, flew in their ringer from the dregs near Piazza San Marco (under the guise of needing more vino for their cellar) to slay the toothless Dragons of Lucite Tech. Or maybe it was just a chance to shake the rust out of TD’s brain while securing his first game of the year. Dorigo, seen in Picture #4, deceptively works the clock while subtly placing a pen and move sheet directly beyond the board’s edge to distract his opponent. He has manipulated an advanced exposed pawn condition to feign concern. His opponent, now with his reading glasses cast aside, is either confused or sleeping and running out of water. Fact: The five winning players for the still nameless Fermilabs (how about The Colliders?) wore darker shirts than the Dragon Techies. Fact: In keeping with a deeply held tradition, the losing player (always referred to as ‘LOSER’ by fellow team mates until the next victory) for the Labbers is forbidden to have his picture taken. Fact: The Labbers appear to be much younger than the Ol’ Toothless Dragons. Fact: The three Dragons wearing glasses are near-blind, while the two Labbers only wear glasses as a fashion statement. Fact: Drink Mountain Dew, you win. Drink water, you lose. The best and most telling of all, Picture #5 gives us a glimpse as to why Mr. Garzon is a class act. His side of the table is completely clean and demanding. Just a pen in hand, a white piece of paper and his 3 captured pieces (even these are on his opponents side of the table as well as most of the clock on the other side of the board). All other players have visible clutter on their sides of the boards! p.s. As an added bonus observation, the two chess nuts sporting mustaches won their matches. Ancora piu, il vino, per favore.

2. dorigo - December 7, 2006

Hi Fred,

thank you for pointing that out! 🙂


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