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Selling a lithograph on Ebay December 8, 2006

Posted by dorigo in Art, personal.

I just placed an item for sale on Ebay… It is the first time I do it, and it is a source of considerable excitement. My brothers and I have been left by my father quite a few paintings, a few of which have some commercial value. We divided those we liked among us, and decided to sell the ones we do not care about. So today I made a first experiment at an E-bay sale…

The item on sale (see picture) is a lithography by Emilio Vedova, a renowned artist from Venice, and once a friend of my father – as far as I know the picture was a gift. It has been appraised by an art critic about 4000$, so I am curious to see what is instead the answer of the world of auctions…

Of course, if you like it you are encouraged to make an offer – I offer free shipping to readers of this blog 😉



1. riqie arneberg - December 8, 2006

I lost patience searching 7266 items on ebay, but i am interested in watching your progress. How about posting a link?

2. dorigo - December 8, 2006
3. riqie arneberg - December 9, 2006

link works fine, but english speakers searching for “lithograph” will not find it. Perhaps one might add descriptions in other languages?

4. dorigo - December 9, 2006

Ok, nice suggestion Riqie. I added an English description… I must say I do not expect I will get an offer above my reserve price. Mine was mostly an experiment to see how the art market works on E-bay… Although of course, if I get a reasonable offer, I’m more than happy to sell the lithograph.


5. Allen Harp - February 4, 2007

As with most items of considerable value, I do not believe you should ever go without a reasonable reserve. On the high side though, ebay auctions have a reputation of going wild in the closing few moments and it is not unheard of to pick up far more than what was expected to be the items true value. Auction enthusiasm can not only be exciting, it can be very profitable for the seller.

6. dorigo - February 4, 2007

In my case there was a high reserve and I got no bids… I will try again some time soon.


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