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Bowling December 10, 2006

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Today we ate at a nice restaurant in Mirano (“I molini”) and after lunch we spent some time at a gaming place nearby where Filippo and I had a couple of games of bowling – something he’s liked a lot since he discovered it last summer in Austria.

Of course, the balls weigh about a fifth of his total body weight (he’s not quite 8 years old) so one cannot really pretend him to be able to impart it a lot of speed. But he played a few good shots nonetheless, and we had quite some fun.

And I had my share of fun as well: in the second game I beat my own record, with four strikes – two in the last two frames. No, I am not the kind of father that will play to let his son win! I did encourage him a lot, and Filippo well realizes he still has to grow a lot stronger before he can play it at a competitive level…

Below are a couple of pictures of Filippo playing, and – for the record – a screen shot of the last game.

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