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Negating the holocaust December 11, 2006

Posted by dorigo in internet, news, politics.

The international conference of holocaust negationists, strongly wanted by president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, opens in Tehran today. Hurry, you are still in time to join the merry brigade, whose aim is to demonstrate that Dachau, Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Treblinka, and the other extermination camps set up by german Nazists during World War II were just theme parks.

As for the Zyklon-B gas, the conference will probably determine that it was used to kill the rats in the camps.

An estimated 6 million jews and other opposers to the dictatorship were executed in the camps. The “final solution” to the problem of jews demanded a huge organizational effort: something germans have always been good at, in good and bad times. The thousands of pictures, collected testimonies, documents, speak a so univocally horrific story that I would be tempted to just laugh at the conference and pity those folks in Tehran. 

But we must not do that. History will repeat itself if we forget about it.

I found a nice web site with a lot of interesting, tale-telling documents on the holocaust, which I encourage you to pay a visit to: http://shamash.org/holocaust . There is a section devoted to the refutation of denial claims, and a section with tens of pictures and documents.

Here, for instance, is a report of Himmler to Hitler which details the execution of 363,211 jews murdered in the Nazi occupied Soviet Union during August-November 1942. Clear, concise, to the point. Hitler must have liked reading it.



1. Babe In The Universe - December 12, 2006

Hard to believe: not only does the devil of holocaust denial exist in this day and age, but he is a head of state! Why doesn’t somebody do something?

2. Guess Who - December 12, 2006

The funniest thing about the whole sordid spectacle is how Ahmadinejad himself constitutes the best refutation of his own nonsense. This is the man who keeps calling for the destruction of Israel, remember? He’s essentially saying “The holocaust is an absurd lie. By the way, we should arrange a holocaust.” Uh-hu…

3. dorigo - December 12, 2006

Hello Babe,
I think we should not mess with him too much… Let’s not forget the damage an active intervention strategy has produced in Iraq.

Welcome back, GW.

I think Ahmadinejad’s logic is clear, in a sort of twisted way. Those jews stole a land under the cover of world outrage for a well-crafted false holocaust, and have been a pain in the butt ever since, so let’s give them one…

What I really think is that Ahmadinejad is not as much as an extremist as his words speak. He just knows that it is a winning political strategy -inside Iran- to blame everything on Israel and to wish its destruction. When he talks with the rest of the world he is more moderate, although admittedly still a rather deranged person, as this conference perfectly demonstrates.


4. riqie arneberg - December 13, 2006

While it seems preposterous to deny recent, especially history backed by thousands of documents, is it not more absurd to deny the history of our race, backed by millions of fossils, and by every sort of scientific teat we have been able to devise?

Whacko religious nutcakes with nukes are dangerous whatever country they run!

5. dorigo - December 13, 2006

I perfectly agree riqie!

6. Bob The Silent Weeper. - June 2, 2007

If I read about the Holocaust, I start to squirm and develops stress tics, I have a nerve in my right shoulder that objects to the injustice of it all. I hate the idea of being put inside huge pens, watched over by guards wiith machines guns, sleeeping in cold, wood barracks, I think I could cope with the starvation, but not the insane brutalty, I’m naive enough to think the Germans will come to their senses, or will play-fair and maybe let me shoot them for a change. Maybe I could snatch a gun from them and shoot 6 of them, better 20 of them, but I know I’d end up in the gas chamber with someone looking through the peephole at me saying; ‘I never did trust that guy, it was his eyes, the way he hated us.’ Then he goes home for tea, and I get dragged to the furnace ovens, and no one ever knew I lived, died, and was spawned.

7. dorigo - June 2, 2007

Hi bob, your account of how one may have felt inside a concentration camp is painfully realistic.

The unfortunate truth is however that those kind of injustices do continue to happen a bit everywhere – even in the promised land. We have recognized the sinner better than the sin, it seems.


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