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The new W mass is out, and still… December 15, 2006

Posted by dorigo in news, physics, science.

Still one week to go before I can put the number here, darn!

The thing is, despite the procedure having been scrutinized, the blinded result analyzed, and all the rest, there is still a formal step to do before making the number public: the blessing. I thought I could write down a number here, but I have to reckon that the result is only pre-blessed today.

I know the number however, and I can say it is not going to change the picture much. The low value of the preferred Higgs mass remains low, the world W mass measurement will remain close to where it is, and everybody can sleep tight tonight – no big surprises.



1. Kea - December 15, 2006

SLOW DOWN! Pleeassse! I’m talking to CDF and D0 in general here. Us poor theory suckers need more time to calculate the mass.

2. dorigo - December 15, 2006

Hi Kea,

how do you calculate the W mass ? You mean by perfecting electroweak fits or by means of some new piece of magic ? Can I get to know something more about it ?


3. dorigo - December 15, 2006

… And besides: there’s no slowing down possible… Actually if you look at it CDF and D0 were very sympathetic with such a request, since CDF has now a measurement with only little more than a tenth of the data they collected, and D0 has no new measurements since Run I…


4. Kea - December 15, 2006

I mean new magic – but we (meaning 3 or 4 people) are still a long way from the W mass. First, Brannen’s lepton mass calculations need to be perfected. See links on my blog. Cheers.

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