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Search engine terms this week – all mad for Lisa Randall December 17, 2006

Posted by dorigo in food, games, humor, internet, language, physics.

Here are a few of the word combinations people who were directed to this blog entered in search engines.

  • lisa randall girlfriend“: no comment
  • lisa randall personal life marriage biography“: I can’t believe it but there’s quite a few people trying to mess with her private life – probably inspired by her good looks and successful career.
  • lisa randall naked“: as above.
  • is lisa randall married“: wow people, get a life!
  • lisa randall email“: ok, enough of that, let’s move to other searches…
  •  “e scale“: actually this is interesting – I do play the piano but reading that term I realized for the first time there is a double meaning to it. A scale starting with the “E”.
  • weight loss + partying till late night“: maybe this guy or gal is trying to determine whether partying all night helps reducing one’s body weight…  
  • carlo rubbia undeserved nobel prize“: I respectfully disagree – not because he’s a fellow italian, but because of love of truth. Rubbia deserved his Nobel prize as much as any other winner.
  • distance of callisto from earth“: I strangely continue to get a few hits every week from people looking for this useless datum. I suspect it is part of a math assignment in a high school textbook.
  • 600 calories/day diet“: wow that is a bit too much, I do not advise such a small calories intake. My experience is that it is better to stay on 1000/day, and keep it steady.


1. rod. - December 18, 2006

Funny post 🙂

I could never imagine that a female physicist could draw so much attention to herself (though this “kind” of attention is unsolicited and most likely unwelcome!). I couldn’t help laughing a bit at all of this, and I remembered a friend of mine at Caltech, an undergrad, who once said:

“after 4 years at Caltech one’s so desperate that any woman with a pulse will do…”

Therefore, given that Lisa Randall has a pulse plus the good looks, I shouldn’t be surprised that she’s getting this “kind” of attention… eh eh

2. dorigo - December 18, 2006

Yes, no surprise. But I am curious about the reason why she is experiencing such an outburst of popularity. Normally I get only a few hits per day from searches of Lisa Randall in the web. This week it looked like everybody wanted to know everything about her…


3. James Graber - December 18, 2006

Hi, Tomasso, Re Lisa Randall,
Apparently she was on American TV Charlie Rose Show last week.
Here are two links and there is another in Lubos Motl’s blog at the bottom of Thursday December 14.



4. rod. - December 18, 2006

I understand. I’ve had my share of popularity outbursts in my blog as well. For instance, some time ago, everyone was crazy about Polonium 210 or Marin Soljačić (MIT professor). I always get a steady inbound traffic from people who appear to be googling for homework solutions.

Of course, none of this explains the sudden burst of popularity Lisa Randall seems to be having right now. Kinda mysterious. But there should be a perfectly reasonable explanation for it… eh eh eh. We just happen not to know it. 🙂

5. dorigo - December 19, 2006

Thanks for the links James, especially for not linking Lubos’ blog here 🙂

Hi Rod, yes it is interesting to monitor inbound traffic – gives a glimpse in people’s minds. About Lisa, indeed it was due to the interview she gave to Rose.


6. Alejandro Rivero - December 19, 2006

Amazon has taken the scent and there is a list of “books recommended by Lisa Randall”.

7. dorigo - December 19, 2006

Lol! Fine marketers. I wonder if there are instant books coming out like “How to kill your neighbor with Po-210 and get away with it”…


8. Alejandro Rivero - December 20, 2006

not Po-210. but google for
1950 “Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab” toy.

9. dorigo - December 20, 2006

Lol! interesting!

For those lazy enough to be unwilling to google around, what Alejandro mentiones above is a toy – rather expensive – sold in the fifties in the US, which contained three radioactive sources, a geiger counter, a wilson chamber, and other cool “toys” to experiment with radioactive decays.

Google searches also pass the message that there’s quite a few people out there who’d be willing to spend money to get one of those… Or similar things. Of course, it would be quite easy to market such a product in this revival era of nuclear contaminations scare.

I wonder if some big toy companies are thinking this over or what.


10. Alejandro Rivero - December 20, 2006

Let me add that the first link causing this revival of the Gilbert was in Radar Online:
Note that the date is 1/12/2006. The aution
closed 14/12/2006. We should know how many of these are sold each year in order to guess if there are some relationship between the Radar list and the auction. Perhaps someone remembered to have it in the cellar!

Last, I note that http://entropybound.blogspot.com/ already runs a blog entry on the toy, and no doubt other physicists are atracted. Myself I got sad when I discovered our undergrad wilson chamber was broken in a corner of our museum of old devices, I have never used one.

Could the Tevatron people think about a new version? Signed by Lisa Randall, look for extra dimensions in your backyard… Or perhaps with a picture of Peter Woit, “Do real physics!”

11. dorigo - December 20, 2006

Lol! having an experimental physics toy endorsed by a die hard theoretician as Lisa Randall is quite typical of our times… It would sell because Lisa sells.
Fermilab is too scared by anything with a three-blade propeller mark to even think of commercializing such a toy – they pay great attention to their rad waste management, for fear of being shut down. Better ask the russians, they already sell geiger counter watches and could put together some nifty toy with millicurie sources and lots of devices to detect it… They are not scared by those things. And once russian commercialized anything like that, be sure the Chinese would pitch in.
I would buy a toy like that for sure… You know I already have a gamma counter which I jolly well bring around, don’t you ?


12. Alejandro Rivero - December 20, 2006

Indead I have read your blog postings about your gamma counter.

13. dorigo - December 21, 2006

Yes, I suspected that. I still bring it around now and then. And just the other day I measured the radon contamination of my basement, and was surprised to see I could indeed detect a 50% increase in counts with respect to outdoors. The thing beeps every 100 nanorems of integrated gamma dose, which is about 20 seconds at normal levels. I had to take 5′ exposures to see the difference, but there was one: about 15 beeps outside, about 23 in the basement.

Actually you just inspired me into writing a post on trivial applications of Poisson statistics…


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