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Waiting for you December 21, 2006

Posted by dorigo in food, personal, social life.

The three large pans of lasagne (one containing bucatini with mushrooms and meat sauce, one with pine nuts and ham, and a third “regular” one) are ready to go. The calamary are done. The tuna steaks with olives are baked. Polenta is on its way. The large chunk of roast-beef is waiting to be sliced. An obnoxious amount of tartines with caviar, salmon, crevettes are all set in their trays. Some 20 liters of good to very good wine are waiting, either on the table (the reds) or out of the window (the whites and the cartizze).

All we are still missing is the guests! In 20 minutes they will start coming. You sure you cannot make it tonight ?



1. marco - December 21, 2006

wow, that sounds appealing !
Unfortunately I saw your post just now and Trento is more than a few Kilometers from Venice, otherwise I would REALLY given this a serious tought 🙂
Enjoy the evening.

2. marco - December 21, 2006

sorry for the typos.
I was too fast (and too hungry 🙂 )

3. Kea - December 21, 2006

Wow, Tommaso. I wish I could come, but being roughly antipodal to you presents some difficulties. Thanks for the invitation.

4. dorigo - December 22, 2006

You are both welcome…

The evening was great. In the end we had 30 people around, and we had a lot of fun. 28 bottles of good wine ended their life merrily in our glasses. Most of the food was consumed. People even got a glimpse of M42 through my 16″ dob.

Next year I will make a more timely announcement…

Ah, and the fourth digit of the W masss is 1. Tomorrow the last one!


5. Kea - December 22, 2006

Next year I will make a more timely announcement…

Great! I might just be a little closer then.

6. dorigo - December 22, 2006

hah, I imagine being three times as close might still be a problem in your case… But give it a try!


7. cristina - December 22, 2006

e bravo Tommaso! ma in questo blog ci vuole anche qualcuno che parli italiano e che spieghi a quelli che ieri sera non c’erano, che si sono persi una bellissima serata. peccato che i treni smettno di correre a mezzanotte, sennò saremmo rimasti più a lungo.

8. dorigo - December 22, 2006

Ciao Cristina,

I regretfully have to say this blog is and will stay in English. It just reaches more people, and besides, italians nowadays speak or at least can read decently in English.

Yes, too bad that the transportation means in and out of Venice stop at midnight or so. Last year we had many people who came by car, and indeed the party went on until 4AM. This year things were less extreme, but it still was a very nice party.

Looking forward to next years’,

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