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Great party yesterday December 22, 2006

Posted by dorigo in food, personal, social life.

Yesterday’s party began in the worse possible way, with a phone call from Dario, the big boss of our group, who announced he would not make it, being stuck at the Fiumicino airport due to a lost connection.

Despite that initial setback, things got merry very soon as people started flowing in. I was especially pleased to see Elisa and Michele, and Chiara and Giulio. Both these couples had been invited quite late for different reasons: Elisa, who did her thesis with me four years ago, had not read my messages of invitation; Chiara, a summer student at Fermilab 10 years ago, lives in Grenoble and it was only by chance that I met her in the basement of the physics department this Tuesday.

It was also nice to have at the party a few people I did not know: Federica, Julien’s new girlfriend, and Diana, Mia’s cousin – especially since they are both young and pretty.

In the end we had about 30 guests, as predicted. There was a huge amount of food, because many had brought a contribution. And very good wines too, some of which has stayed with me. I am in fact presently serving myself an appetizer as I write these lines, and along with the appetizer an exquisite Sylvaner 2004 by Gruss.

Especially appreciated were the tartines (my concoction) which disappeared in the first five minutes, the pasticcio with mushrooms, the calamari, and the roast-beef. And of course, two large bowls of Tiramisu, a dessert made with coffee-dipped savoiardi (a particular kind of cookie), mascarpone cream, and a cocoa topping.

Below are a couple of pictures I took during the party.



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