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I would make a very good single father… December 23, 2006

Posted by dorigo in food, personal.

On Saturdays, the kids are my business. Mariarosa works all morning, so I have to take care of them, being home in their company.

I am always proud of how I manage them. With me, for some reason, they are much more well behaved than with their mother. And I manage to have them do their homework (Filippo), put order in their room, wash hands before lunch, without effort.

Today, as I was serving them a good portion of exquisite spaghetti with caviar and cream after an appetizer of crevettes (for Filippo) and soppressa (for Ilaria), I could not help thinking I am also cooking somewhat better than the average single father… But of course, I have no wish of becoming one!  



1. riqie arneberg - December 25, 2006

cheek insolence chauvinism machismo audacity brass chutzpah effrontery gall impertinence impudence nerve presumption sauce temerity bluster braggadocio conceit crust hubris pomposity priggishness smugness swagger

These are the words which come to mind!

Daddy is home only some of the time, and the children are a bit in awe of him. There are no runny noses or sore throats. They are well behaved because they have a good mother! So daddy thinks “wow, this is easy!”

I’ll wager your wife would think your job was pretty easy if she occupied your position on a day where not much was happening! Double or nothing she would not have the brashness to say so!

Once again you have enlightened me Tomasso! I had thought that the stereotypes about Italian men were fiction, but you have proven me wrong. I doubt you would last two weeks doing what any homemaker does routinely years on end.

2. dorigo - December 25, 2006

Lol! You certainly speak your mind!
I agree with what you say, there is of course no relation with the way they behave with me for one day a week and the rest of the time. In fact, it has been tougher the few times I was with them for three or four days in a row. But some things are the same: I am harder with them, and they usually behave better when they do not have room for blackmailing as usually happens with their mother.
And if you say my wife would find it easy to do what I do, I also agree… I did not enter the discussion of whether it was right or wrong that she handles the kids most of the time and I usually don’t, I just said how things go in our family.
As for your doubts… I keep my opinion!
Happy holidays

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