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Search engine terms on Christmas time December 26, 2006

Posted by dorigo in games, humor, internet, language, news, personal.

People hooked on their pc during christmas probably make a slightly different sample than the usual mix of internet surfers. Let’s have a look at search engine terms typed in by people who ended up visiting my site:

  • “Lisa Randall”: still going strong, apparently.
  • “W boson 80413”: somebody in search for leaks or informed browsers ?
  • “dorigo origini di venezia”: this one was looking for my father’s work. I hope I was of some use with my pages.
  • “string theory wallpaper”: have we gotten to the point of making an icon of it ? I wonder if we’ll have Lubos with his third finger up in place of Einstein showing his tongue in the 21st century iconography of Physics. If string theory is proven correct, he might just as well allow to be pictured like that 🙂
  • “24 inch dobsonian”: I suggest you go for a smaller diameter if you care for your back… Just my two pence!
  • “Polonium for sale”: another big hit even if a month has passed from the heydays after Litvinenko’s death.
  • “fellatios”: just that. I almost have sympathy for this honest sex seeker… No complex combination of fetishes, just a plain good old blowjob, and then again, spelled with the correct English word.


1. Helge - December 27, 2006

I allmost feel like doing some googling … 😉

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