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End of year report December 31, 2006

Posted by dorigo in internet, italian blogs, news, personal, physics, science, travel.

I am spending my christmas vacations in Padola, in the eastern italian alps, doing some skiing, hiking, and eating like a pig and a half. And… No internet connection.

That is the reason for the lack of reports here… But today I am spending some time at a Internet point (had to travel through a mountain pass to get here!) and I thought I would give to all of my dear readers my best wishes for a serene, joyful and scientifically productive 2007.

I will be back blogging here on the 6th, when I will finally be able to reinstate my posts on the new W mass measurement by CDF (there is a seminar at Fermilab on January 5th, and I have been asked to wait before that date to distribute the CDF measurement…)

So, in the end a word about this site in 2006.

This blog started last January as a continuation of the Quantum Diaries endeavour… In less than a year (precisely, 350 days) the 630 posts I wrote here have gotten more than 67,000 hits and about 1220 honest comments, with visitors growing by the day to an average of about 400 daily hits.

I thank everybody for visiting and please come back soon!



1. TheHiker - January 7, 2007

You’re certainly in a very lovely part of the world – I wish I was with you. Back here in England it’s simply cold and wet and we’ll have to wait quite a few weeks before we can get out and about again.

2. dorigo - January 7, 2007

Hi hiker,

I know, England has a lousy weather… I guess its inhabitants have grown to consider it normal, though, so it does not matter much to them. But if you love hiking… I mean if you really do, rain or shine should be the same 🙂

I have often looked at a world map trying to figure out where would be the best place to live for me, considering that I
– enjoy warm, sunny weather, and beautiful beaches
– love hiking in mountains and alpine landscapes
– am an amateur astronomer and need dark skies to be happy
– am a city person, and would not be too happy to live too far from one
– need a international airport close by
– and of course, I speak italian and english, have a family with two small kids, need to work for a living, etcetera etcetera… Let’s keep this secondary for a second.

If you look at the world map with these inputs, not much of our planet is left for consideration! Probably a good option for me would be the Hawaii islands, or the south californian coast.

On the other hand, Venice is nice, but the beach there is not up to my standards. Very damp weather too… But the alps are close – in less than two hours of driving time I am at a ski resort, in an hour or so I get to a dark sky site. So I don’t complain much!


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