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Five things January 8, 2007

Posted by dorigo in Blogroll, chess, food, games, humor, internet, italian blogs, personal.

I am happy to have been tagged by Andrew Jaffe (http://www.andrewjaffe.net/blog/) for a silly blog-game, consisting in posting five things you might not know about me. As with most die-hard bloggers, I think most of myself is here for anybody to read already, but let me see… I unfortunately have to dig deep in my personal life. Here is my list.

  1. I played several tournament chess games against grandmasters (among them Delchev, Vogt, Dizdarevic, Godena), losing every single time, and a dozen or so against international masters, drawing once (against Deev). I won simultaneous display games against Wojtkiewicz and Skembris, drew against Karpov, Ehlvest and Benjamin (plus a few more I can’t recall). Online, I won several times against grandmasters in blitz games.
  2. I have not spent even a single night in a hospital as a patient. It did happen once when Ilaria was born, but I was just little more than a by-stander then.
  3. I practiced discus throw in the nineties, never making it to the 30 meters line.
  4. According to a recent estimate, I had about 15,000 orgasms in my life – roughly two thirds of which without external help. 20,000 seems a quite reachable goal if I live long enough.
  5. I can’t eat cheese.

Ok, so I now need to tag three blogger friends. Let’s see. Ok, be it Pietro (http://pietrovischia.altervista.org/blog/), Louise (http://riofriospacetime.blogspot.com/), and Helge (http://cow-gone-mad.blogspot.com/).



1. Josh Thompson - January 13, 2007

Do you keep a logbook about point #4? 🙂

(writing to you from the BaBar control room, by the way)

2. dorigo - January 13, 2007

Hi Josh,

no, no, no logbook 🙂 otherwise I’d say it for a fact, while I stressed it was an estimate!

Did your experiment manage to recover all the lost data by the way ?


3. JR Scotti-Einstein, PhD - July 25, 2007

Do I have this correct? You were born in 1966 (date found on another page of this site), making you approximately 41 years old at the time of your posting of Point #4.

Forty-one years is — at 365.242199 days per year — a total of 14,974.93 days. So, by your estimate, you have had, on average, one orgasm per day for your entire life. Generously assuming that you did not start having orgasms prior to about age 10 years, that leaves 31 years, or 11,322.51 days, in which to have 15,000 orgasms, or an average of 1.32 orgasms per day over the past 31 years.

I must say that you have been a very busy boy and man. I think you should correct your page that states your “interests other than physics” to indicate “chess, astronomy, mineralogy, and masturbation.” Perhaps that later should be listed as a primary interest.

In my estimate, you will easily reach 20,000 orgasms if your penis does not fall off. Good luck reaching this apparent goal.

4. JR Scotti-Einstein, PhD - July 25, 2007

Oh . . . and best wishes in trying to find the God Particle!

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