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Hawking in the Sky January 8, 2007

Posted by dorigo in astronomy, humor, news, physics, science, travel.

In the day of his 65th birthday, the british astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has announced he intends to fiddle with space travel in 2009, provided that Virgin Galactic, – a company owned by Richard Branson, who is attempting to market space travel – is able to impart his wheelchair enough thrust to overcome Earth’s gravity.

A shorter-term project is a short flight in the absence of gravity, which he plans to take on this year.

Putting Hawking into orbit for free would be a great investment for Branson. I can almost see the ads: “Escape from Black Holes with Virgin Galactic! If Hawking did it, why can’t you ?”



1. Ms,Annie - December 13, 2008

Dec 15th 2008
To Stephen Hawkings,
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I believe there is much we could do, and few you could trust with the answers. However I know exactly how you and your aid must feel. I am working on emotional formulations thus make us conduct ours from the first creation of our existence from sperm to olde age. It’s work Enstein attempted to put into calculas. I use common denominators (sense) if I can be of assistence please feel free to contact me. The New Wave thing of people playing with themselves in the law of attraction is not my theory. Much more to a graphic explaination of the cut diamond and laser dementions. You know the calculas is Grandeoso” Imagine the colors and laser content banked off a good blue diamond and where in space one shot would go. It’s Interesting the results. One small light turned in small counter clock wise circle into your iris in various colors , is a magical healing. I advice, I have not all the answers here.

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