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Review of the RS graviton search in progress January 10, 2007

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In a few minutes the godparents of the search for RS gravitons in the final state X->ZZ->eeee (a graviton giving two Z bosons, yielding four high-Pt electrons) will meet for the first time in CDF. I am one of them, and will join the discussion by videoconference.

The analysis is a signature-based search for the production of a resonance decaying to two Z bosons. The RS graviton fits the bill and so it is taken as a model to extract cross section limits. Specifically, the search aims at RS gravitons with mass over 500 GeV, when the cross section for production times branching ratio to Z pairs is of the order of 300 femtobarns – and so, at the edge of detection, given that in a fb-1 of data one should expect of the order of one such event (the branching ratio of Z->ee squared has to be factored in, so you get 300 fb x 1/fb x B(ee)^2 = 0.33 events).

To save you the suspence, we see no candidates. CDF has already made public the cross section limit vs graviton mass curve, but the paper needs internal refereeing… That’s my job now.

I will have a post out soon with some details and plots.



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