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A new drawing rule in Chess January 13, 2007

Posted by dorigo in chess, games, humor, news.

A chess match played between Moscow and London by two chess prodigies – the 7-years-old russian Konstantin Savenkov and the 8-years-old british Darius Parvizi-Wayne – ended in a draw the other day due to a hitherto unseen reason.

The match was being played in Pushkin Square in Moscow and Trafalgar Square in London. Moves were broadcast between the two locations as soon as the players moved giant chess pieces made of ice on walk-on chessboards. The two players had none other than Anatoly Karpov (left, in a Reuters picture) and Nigel Short as trainers. Everything was set for a nice entertaining game, but weather played its part this time.

The temperature was too warm in both locations: 13°C in London and 5°C in Moscow. Speeding up the time control to only 30 seconds a move did not help, and after a few moves the two players had to agree to a draw due to the meltdown of the pieces.

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