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Happiness is a link from Peter Woit’s blog January 22, 2007

Posted by dorigo in Blogroll, internet, personal, physics, science.

Let’s admit it – bloggers, and I am one of them, love to be linked, especially from high-traffic sites. What’s better than getting linked from a famous site is to get linked from a famous site which deals with more or less the same topics your blog does: because in the latter case the people that get directed to your blog have more chances to end up liking what they read, and some will actually say it – which adds to one’s self-esteem.

Whenever Peter links one of my posts in his blog Not Even Wrong (http://www.math.columbia.edu/~woit/blog/) I get a few more hundred hits, five to ten more comments, and maybe one or two subscribers who will stick around. That is nice – I do not keep this blog for my own sake, but to discuss physics issues with insiders, and do some physics outreach if I have a chance. This site is actually my own little contribution to filling the gap between experimental physics at a high-energy physics experiment and the rest of the world out there. So readers are important! I confess it, if I had few visitors and no feedback I would probably end up closing this site.

This month the magic happened twice – the last time minutes ago. Wow! Thank you, Peter!

So what is the bottomline ? If you own a science site and you like what you see, link me! You will contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge (or to the background noise, depending on your judgement of the material).

Update: well, it looks like the post linked by Peter made it to the top posts of the day list here on wordpress yesterday! Sure, science cannot compete with sex searches, religion debates, or political bashing. But it is nice to see that there still is people interested in basic research out there!


1. Kea - January 22, 2007

You must be a jolly person, Tommaso, to find Happiness so easily! But it is nice to know that, although there is no doubt whatsoever that Woit has no intention whatsoever of ever linking to my blog, I do get more attention from hits once removed!

2. dorigo - January 23, 2007

I am young at heart, Kea, and an easy-trieggered enthusiast. What do you mean, though, when you say you get attention from hits once removed ? You mean you were once linked in NEW’s site and now you aren’t ?

3. Kea - January 24, 2007

Tommaso, the expression means that because You (or Mixed States, or whatever) link to me, I am one click away from Woit’s blog. As in an ‘uncle once removed’.

4. dorigo - January 24, 2007

Oh. See, that is precisely the kind of stuff I will hardly ever master about English. And I pity for that, since I like this language so much…


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