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Mexico in my mind January 30, 2007

Posted by dorigo in personal, social life, travel.

Four more weeks and I’ll be sunbathing in the riviera Maya, 50 miles south of Cancun. After three years of wishful thinking and mutual promises, our friends Gino and Petra have converged with us to a reservation of a private villa next to a very nice sandy beach close to Playa del Carmen, in Yucatan.

Organizing the whole thing was not easy – and it is not over yet. We had originally planned for an all-inclusive vacation in Providenciales, in the Turks and Caicos islands; but making two separate reservations from Italy and the US was not easy to manage, and after some wrestling with travel agents we decided it was impractical. Next, we turned to villas for rent in Provo, but that also turned out to be difficult – reservations were already set for the period we had in mind.

In the end we chose Yucatan, and after studying the region a bit I am sure I will be happy about the choice. Tickets are bought, the villa is reserved, deposits are paid – and there is no turning back. My family and I will be leaving from Venice, flying through Madrid and Mexico City, and finally landing in Cancun on Sunday, February 25th. Gino and Petra and their two lovely kids will have an easier time with a direct flight in the morning of the same day from Chicago. Each family will get a rental car and we will hopefully meet at the villa.

If the place is half as gorgeous as we inferred from the pictures and description (see http://www.brisacaribe.com/margarita-villa.htm) I will be even a happier fish than what we discussed over at the backreaction blog the other day! The villa is directly on a nice bay, with a private stretch of sand, a small pool, and four bedrooms. I can’t wait.

I also learned that there are several aquatic parks in the area. We will certainly spend a day or two there. And the Tulum ruins will also the subject of a dedicated trip. However, I am now in the process of thinking in advance about all the possible show-stoppers and unforeseen problems we can run into, to travel well equipped with the necessary information, paperwork, drugs. One thing we already took care of were vaccinations against typhoid fever and Epatitis A – something many do not even bother doing before going to Mexico. Then I will have to carry something against mosquitos – the outbreaks of Dengue fever in the region advise some caution. Finally, I will have to educate my kids about some hygienic rules they do not usually follow in Italy. Eating and drinking will also be the subject of care.

Am I being too paranoid ? Maybe. I think everybody knows the recipe for their own self assurance. Mine involves taking seriously low-probability risks and planning beforehand to minimize them.

I am sure my planning does very little to counter the many possible mishaps of a long travel abroad. But it sure has a relaxing effect on myself…



1. Rae Ann - January 30, 2007

Wow, that looks wonderful and warm! I’m sure you’ll have smooth and pleasant time. Enjoy!

2. dorigo - January 31, 2007

Thank you Rae Ann, I’ll do my best!

3. arturo - February 1, 2007

Hi, I think you’re a little too paranoid about it. But if that’s already your safety plan, stick to it.

Maybe it’s because I live in Mexico, but I’ve never got vaccines for my vacations here and everything has been fine.

Anyway, have a good time and enjoy la playa!

4. Babe In The Universe - February 1, 2007

HI Tomasso. Yucatan is wonderful. I went there for a conference in ‘003, staying in Cancun and Merida. (Travel grants are a wonderful thing.) Cancun marks the start of an immense reef, second only to the Great Barrier Reef in size. No illnesses, until I returned to the US and ate a burger! I hope you see many of the Mayan sites and cenotes. Maybe I’ll post pictures sometime.

5. dorigo - February 1, 2007

Hi Arturo,
yes – I am paranoid! I mean, I am a careful planner. I have traveled quite a bit in my life, and I know that small nuisances can become tough problems to solve when you are away from home. As for protection against malaria and dengue: Ilaria’s skin displays a strong reaction to even the smallest mosquito bite, and my wife worries about those even in Italy. I do not want to spoil my vacation due to the worries a bite or two could cause…

Hi Louise,
thank you for your contribution 🙂 I will try to avoid burgers in the US – I am there from February 8th to 11th LOL. Yes, posting a few of your fab pictures in your site would be a great idea. I also plan to see two or three mayan sites, Tulum in particular, and cenotes do attract me.

6. ggg - February 5, 2007

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7. mexico-spa-vacation.cancunhotelmexicomoonpalace - September 8, 2007

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8. Bill Bartmann - September 4, 2009

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