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Preblessed! February 9, 2007

Posted by dorigo in news, personal, physics, science.

Julien has just finished talking, and the results have indeed been pre-blessed. What that means is that the collaboration does not see any show-stopping outstanding question that has been left unaddressed, either on the analysis procedure or on the details and the measurement itself.

There were a few questions, but the talk went smoothly, since all of them had been already answered by our studies. It only remained to fish out of the pool of “backup slides” the correct plot to convince the audience.

In the end, our spokesperson Jaco Konigsberg congratulated with me for the nice result, and suggested we should present it soon at a wine-and-cheese seminar. I hate cheese… I will take the wine though.

It is a unfortunate thing that I can still post nothing on the analysis here: two more weeks. However, tomorrow I will post a description of the study, void of plots and numbers but containing everything one needs to know to more or less understand how we spent the last four years of our life!

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