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Preblessing the Z->bb signal February 9, 2007

Posted by dorigo in personal, physics, science.

I am presently in the CDF theatre, at the Joint Physics meeting. In a few minutes Julien (shown on the left) will present the Z->bb analysis we have been working at during the last four years for collaboration approval.

The approval procedure is complex – I have talked about it here in the past several times. Today Julien will show all results, the relevant plots, the measurement of the b-jet energy scale (the ratio between the detector response to a b-quark-originated jet in data and Monte Carlo simulation), and the evaluation of systematic uncertainties. There will be several nasty questions, and depending on how well these will be answered, a blessing talk will be scheduled in two weeks or not.

Next month Julien will be showing new electroweak results from CDF in Moriond, at a international physics conference. Whether he will be able to include our analysis results in his presentation or not, depends on the outcome of today’s talk. 

I will update this post later today, with some flavor of the discussion. 



1. Helge - February 9, 2007

Well good luck to get pre-approval.

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